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As one of the leading Indian importers and distributors of premium wines of the world, Madiza's portfolio is dynamic and diverse. Our impressive array of brands includes internationally acclaimed favorites crafted by some of the most esteemed wine makers in the industry. Our wines are enjoyed on every table at every occasion. As a company we are always focused on what we do. Our growth has been cultivated by great passion for picking up the best wines, great discipline for managing the business and great responsibility for the people and communities that make our success possible. We take the pride of being the sole Indian distributor of Italy's Cantina San Martina.

Today, Madiza remains committed in bringing out the best in our products and our business. As well as staying true to the core values. As you celebrate the big moments or simply enjoy the quite ones, we aspire to elevate life with every glass raised. Our passion is in bringing the very best brands that people love from all across the world.

Madiza is a young and a dynamic organization founded in November 2010, with a singular focus to bring the best wines of the world to India. We are currently available in Hyderabad, Vizag, Bangalore and Chennai. Our presence in Mumbai, Delhi, Goa and Kolkata is in the pipe line and would be operational this year.

Our mission is to establish ourselves as a leading Indian importer and distributer of the finest wines of the world and cater to the ever increasing foreign Wine market in India.

While our beginnings are small, our dreams are big, with a vision to fill the existing demand and supply gap of fine and superior quality wines in the Indian market, to enlighten consumers about the wonderful world of wines and in the process stepping up our nation higher in the list of top Wine consumers of the world.

Having started our operations with our registered office and corporate headquarters in Hyderabad, we have an extensive range of world famous Italian wines, starting with Red, White, Sparkling and Sweet. An aggressive and competitive price strategy compliments our wine range.

Just to give you an insight of our progress since inception, we had worked hard to put our wines at all the right places in Hyderabad and serve their patrons some very best Italian wines. In the process - With over 150 events done in 3 years, with active participation as luxury wine partners and presenting sponsors for many acclaimed fashion, culture, art and lifestyle events, Madiza has created a niche and envious wine strategy in building awareness of fine wine and has set new precedents in the market place. With conscious and continuous efforts to bring wine drinking culture in Hyderabad, our service towards our partners/selling associates is impeccable and unparalleled in the industry. The wine sales just followed and today, we take honor in getting recognized as the leading imported wine brand in Hyderabad with a 50% market share.

On a humble note, we would like to firmly believe that it's just a beginning... a beginning of a great story.

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