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With its stupendous presence in 18 countries across the globe, PITARS Wines with its rich legacy and authentic passion have taken over India by a storm. The story of Pitars wines in India is quite fascinating and motivating for the growing wine industry in India.

The Pittaro family - The Pitars are since 1510. At the beginning was Romano, the first to introduce quality vines into the region, followed by Angelo, the son, and a young traveler. He was in Venezuela for fifteen years and then returned to his beloved land of Friuli to extend his family business and establish the brand Cantina San Martino. Today Loris, Bruno, Mauro and Paolo together ensure that the brand lives up to the same standards.

For many generations the Pittaro family has been cultivating the Vitis Vinifera, the vine. Pittaro is a Friulian family with a history that firmly believes in the passion for its land and for the cultivation of the vine. Their passion - their religion. Just like any other faith, traditionally handed down through legends explaining the origins that value purity. The Friulian rural tradition places high value on refined skills of a very special vocation, cultivated day after day.

The Pitars world is rich with values of the Friulian tradition and of the passionate care that characterizes every step and every detail of the complex winemaking process. This is made in a technologically advanced winery with a highly specialised winemaking system, with a capacity of over fifty thousand hectoliters. It utilizes an agro-technique which is of exceptional standing in the industry.

The Pitars winery utilizes avant-garde architecture, made in line with the green principles using natural and recyclable materials. It is in perfect synthesis with the harmony of the environment and the wealthy nature that surrounds it. The underground cellar which is the hearth of the winery is where the most precious wines rest and age slowly reaching the best equilibrium, expressing their exclusive quality. At its side the advanced drying room, coffer for the best grapes picked by hand, lie in a controlled atmosphere.

Pitars wines are extremely popular across the world and have been part of the most coveted wine competitions at the international level and of course, winning many awards and recognitions. A recent feather in the growing cap of rewards and recognitions has been the Decanter Awards 2014. Pitars' Tureis won the silver medal at the Decanter World Wine Awards 2014.

Previous awards at the Decanter World Wine Awards




The Decanter World Wine Awards is the world's largest and most influential wine competition. 2014 saw another record-breaking year of entries, with over 15,000 wines entered into the competition from 46 countries. A panel of over 200 world-class judging experts, including Masters of Wine, Master Sommeliers, wine writers, buyers and important members of the wine trade carefully taste their way through each of the wine entries. Each entry is tasted blind, individually discussed by the panel, and judges award the top wines with Decanter medals.

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